History of the Freebooters

The mission of Ye Westchase Krewe of Freebooters is to provide a social, leadership and charitable platform for the benefit of the community that we call home. We are committed to enhancing the level of local support and spirit that already make Westchase great - and we plan to have a great time doing it!

During the parade season, our Krewe storms Tampa Bay with our beautiful mermaid team - the official Mermaids of Gasparilla!

During the "off-season", we also participate in regular social activities in addition to fundraising events associated with our chosen charities.

BIG NEWS!...Ye Westchase Krewe of Freebooters is in the process of building a brand new 70+ person float that will catapult us into the upper echelons of Tampa Bay's Parade scene.

We seek leaders and all those ready to engage and contribute to our mission. Join our rally and become part of a Krewe that Westchase deserves!


In the 16th century, when piracy on the high seas was rife in many parts of the world, one of the terms that arose to denote a pirate was the Dutch word vrijbuiter. It comes from vrijbuit ("plunder") and -er ("-er," a suffix indicating one engaged in the action). Therefore, a vrijbuiter was a "plunderer."

Vrijbuit itself consists of two parts: vrij ("free") and buit ("booty"), the booty being free, of course, because it was taken by force. The core of the word lies in buit, which is based on the verb buiten ("to plunder").

English speakers, hearing the Dutch word vrijbuiter, soon reshaped it by folk etymology into constituent parts more familiar to them. Vrij became "free," buit became "boot"(conceived either as footwear or as short for booty), and -er needed no change. Result: Freebooter - A pirate or piratical adventurer, literally a free booty'er.

Executive Board

Eric Holt

Christopher Smith
Exec Board Member

Randy Woodruff

Past Captains

Eric Holt
Captain   2016 - 2017

Charlene Kenyon
Captain   2014 - 2016

Tracy Harper
Captain   2012 - 2014

Tom Barb
Captain   2009 - 2011

Randy Woodruff
Captain   2006 - 2009

Steve Lusty
Captain   2005 - 2006

Chuck Morton
Captain   2004 - 2005

David Johnson
Captain   2003 - 2004