2019 Annual Spring Siege

April 6, 2019: (4:00 PM - 6:00 PM)

Our annual membership meeting (aka "Spring Siege") will take place on Saturday, 4/6 at the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center (Countryway Blvd) from 4-6pm.
For those that need a refresher, this is the opportunity for Krewe members to be nominated and/or run for Board and Officer roles.  These individuals will become our key decision makers and define the direction of the Krewe for the coming year.  
Our Spring Siege is also meant to celebrate the past season and pay "proper tribute" to our new leadership, which means we'll raise our mugs and have a few drinks together!  It's an ideal time for all Krewe members to begin sharing new ideas and recommendations they may have with our new board members as well.
We will be voting for (4) Board Member/Officer positions (note: Captain has a two-year term through 5/31/2020)
  1. Executive Vice President
  2. VP of Finances (Treasurer)
  3. VP of Communications
  4. VP of Operations & Public Affairs
The initial priorities for our new Board will be:
  1. To review and/or revise our existing by-laws as needed
  2. To finalize and approve our budget for the new season
  3. Establish necessary committees for the new season
Attached is a copy of our current by-laws, which include the specific roles and responsibilities of the Executive Board.  If you are interested in becoming a Board member, or would like to nominate someone to the Board, please notify your Captain.  A list of nominees and present all names prior to the event. 
Cap'n Eric