St. Patrick's Night Parade

March 16, 2019: (8:00 PM - 10:00 PM)



Guest registration for the St. Patrick's Day Parde is now open.  To add/request a guest...

1. Click on the link below (note that you should see that YOU are already registered)

2. Click on the "Next" button (below the comments box)

3. Click on the link that prompts you to add guests - you may add up to six guests

Registering a guest does not guarantee acceptance.  We hope to be able to accommodate all requests.  However, if we have more requests than capacity, we will use the following “seniority” guidelines to prioritize approvals:

1. Captain

2. Board Members

3. Years in Krewe

4. Captain's Club (5 year members)

Other variables beyond these will be considered on a case-by-case basis, such as member volunteerism, recruitment opportunities, timing of submission, etc.

Approvals will be communicated no later than March 8th.  The guest fee for this parade is as follows:

Adult $150.  

Once approved, guests will have 5 days to secure their spot by making payment via our on-line store.  As always, members will be responsible for ensuring that their guests adhere to Freebooters rules/guidelines, including proper attire (white top/black bottom) and completion of a liability waiver if not already on file.